Surrounding Area

“Location, location, location” Whoever came up with that particular idiom surely must have visited Rose Street. Whether you are driving, biking, walking or even skateboarding you are minutes away from the eclectic eccentricities of “the Drive” as it is affectionately called. The Happy Garden Bed and Breakfast, like many of its neighbors, is a home that was built during a time when a house was considered to be more than just real estate. The surrounding area is not only home to many contemporary artists but the tastes and talents of the past are reflected and preserved in dozens of Victorian homes, some of which have been “repainted” in hues that suggest both the spirit of the community and the occupants. Walk the neighborhood. Dine out on Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, Caribbean, Greek or Vegan. Choose from over a dozen venues to sample espresso and pastries. Have a glass of wine “alfresco” at Havana, Stella’s, Wazubeez or Marcello’s or pay a visit to the local wine shop and bring something back to enjoy on the deck at Happy Garden. On the second day you might want to check out the rest of Vancouver!